As a corporate citizen, it is incumbent on every person to provide leadership, the right kind of leadership to everyone in the company. Setting the tone, creating an environment of trust, self-esteem, and innovation starts at the top and infuses the entire organization with leadership values. This runs the gamut of attitude, inclusiveness, expectations, team creation and support, cross-function enablement, and agile implementation of concepts, plans, and projects.


The effect? Leadership drives performance, innovation, teams, corporate mentality, and in the end, determines  job satisfaction, personal wellness, corporate efficiency, and profits. Bottom line: the way you treat people is the way they respond.


Dr. Karen Perkins brings over 30 years of Coaching and Mentoring senior staff to the group. She is an International Best Selling Author and her vast experience at every level of the corporation along with over 20 years of coaching, consulting and public speaking on just this type of topic, makes her one of the most valuable assets any corporation can employ to create the environment of enlightened and effective leadership. Her best-selling book, “Emotional Power”, sets the tone for her incredibly insightful processes.