Strategy, Flexibility and Change

Next Stop, Inc was founded in 2009 and focuses on two major areas in a business: Business Wellness and Technical system customization. The principle owners are best-selling authors, lecturers, mentors and coaches to the world’s major corporations. Having over 30 years’ experience in corporate, public, and international environments they have mentored, coached, and created solutions for over 600,000 people.


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Dr. Karen Perkins brings over 30 years of Coaching and Mentoring senior staff to the group. She is an International Best Selling Author and her vast experience at every level of the corporation along with over 20 years of coaching, consulting and public speaking on just this type of topic, makes her one of the most valuable assets any corporation can employ to create the environment of enlightened and effective leadership. Her best-selling book, “Emotional Power”, sets the tone for her incredibly insightful processes.


Dr. Perkins is an internationally recognized Project Manager, Organizational Change Manager, and SAP Consultant. He is a C-level executive and works closely others in those positions. Darwin has a unique perspective and ability to communicate with all levels of the Organization from stakeholders through the mid-level to end users - all equally as effective. Darwin has the experience to bring both the Business and IT side of projects to mutual understanding. He has over 30 years’ experience in every phase of large scale IT implementations including OCM, testing, training, cutover, and hyper-care (post go-live) support. His diverse experience provides a comprehensive view of projects and OCM; one which allows him to guide clients to avoid pitfalls common to most projects.

Dr. Perkins has worked with corporations, government agencies and major universities, across the US, South America, Europe, the Gulf, and Southeast Asia. His client list includes list includes small to large organizations and Fortune 500 companies including Boeing, Lockheed, 3M, Allstate, Phillips, Novartis, Barilla, So. Cal. Edison, and Kuwait Oil.