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Next Stop, Inc specializes in Project Management, Organizational Change Management (OCM) and SAP® Security Consulting Services.  We are focused on results: the right deliverable, the right time, the right cost. With our experience and understanding of enterprise systems, our team of proven professionals delivers value to our clients by helping them achieve optimal success with their projects and implementations.  We have the skills, the professionalism and the something extra (personal touch) that will get the job done right.  

   SAP Security Design and Implementation

  • Teams of up to 10 people, all native English speakers and US citizens for total management of the security authorization concept definition and implementation. Manager/leads included
  • Teams follow the project’s SAP ASAP methodology (or other project plan methodology)
  • Integrate & manage security design components at proper phases and stages of the project
  • Total SAP Client management strategy for authorizations in all client environments and landscapes
  • Where needed, usually green field, we provide the SAP administration concept definition, setup, and administrator training

 We provide full SAP Security Teams

  • Security Project Manager or Lead – ASAP process, analysis, definition, Project integration
  • Security concept creation and analysis – Blueprinting,  integration with business process flows
  • SAP role definition planning, validation, testing
  • Security concept planning, change management, SAP  Client security management
  • Business use case and departmental job process analysis
  • End user identification and role mapping
  • Integration with training team for job based training requirement determinations and assignments
  • Human Resources (HR) module integration (SAP roles by job title)
  • Single Sign-on validation integration (Outlook, Lotus, etc.)
  • Central User administration for all SAP clients/services and users
  • Multi-site security definition and roll-out
  • Application integration layer security, EDI, RFC, Services, etc.
  • Testing (development), Testing (QA), Testing (user profiles)